About me

Hi, I am Marsha and thank you for being here.... 

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to RTT Therapy and this therapy has healed and transformed my life. I struggled for years with feelings of abandonment and not feeling enough and for over a decade, I tried so many kinds of therapy and methods and nothing worked for me.


I was literally blown away by the massive shifts in my life just from the very first RTT session. I have lived and experienced first-hand for myself how empowering, effective, fast and life changing this therapy worked on my life and the massive transformations received.

Many of us have wounds and traumas from our childhood and young adulthood years that we never have addressed or healed; healing these wounds will transform your life.

I further went on to study and became a certified RTT Therapist and RTT Coach. This is such a fulfilling feeling in my heart helping people to heal their pain and past trauma. 

I have been working in this area for a while now, helping people to become aware, heal and let go of childhood traumas which has caused limiting beliefs, patterns and actions that hold you back from your happiness and prosperity in life, bringing you back to your authentic self of your own self love and self-compassion.