Sat on the Rocks


Abandonment can affect your life in numerous ways if you leave your underlying issues unchecked. The area of your life that it will affect the most is undoubtedly your close relationships. People with abandonment issues will often have trouble trusting other people and may feel extreme jealousy.


You may find the opposite is true and that you trust people too readily and ignore warning signs in relationships as you are too eager to make it work. You may also find that you have intimacy issues as you don’t feel comfortable divulging too much about yourself in case the other person lets you down.


Battling with low self-esteem and a lack of control over your life are also typical by-products of abandonment. At its worst, a sense of abandonment can lead to severe anxiety and depression and a feeling of isolation.


It is clear to see how important it is to tackle your abandonment issues head-on before you let them take over your life.


Emotional abandonment is where nothing “external” has shifted, but “emotionally” things have shifted significantly.


For example, when someone withholds their warmth, love or care from you, or when someone who is meant to care for you uses alcohol, substances or is chronically busy or disconnected, leaving you feeling isolated and existentially alone in the world.


Abandonment wounds leave us feeling like we need to hold-on, fearing disconnection, worrying about future disappointments and worrying about potential threats and losses, leaving us feeling perpetually insecure and doubtful in ourselves, in relationships and in the world.