Audio meditation

These meditations will help you to get started in changing some of those negative beliefs and feelings that are keeping you stuck and sabotaging your life. It is my intention to help you feel good and live in a happy, peaceful place.

Regain the deep confidence and belief in yourself that you were born with that somewhere along the way has been lost.

Believe in yourself Marsha Anne
00:00 / 20:24
2 / Vulnerability

This meditation is dedicated to connecting with and embracing your vulnerability. I invite you to connect with and embrace all of who you are.

Vulnerability Marsha Anne
00:00 / 03:29
3 / You are Enough

Inspiration for Loving all that you are.

I am Enough Marsha Anne
00:00 / 02:16
4 / Letting go of anger

Take back control over your emotions and free yourself from anger.

Letting go of Anger Marsha Anne
00:00 / 02:28
5 / Release Anxiety and Feelings of overwhelm

Coping techniques and selfcare that will help you cope with painful emotions and uncomfortable feelings.

Coping techniquesMarsha Anne
00:00 / 10:04
6 / Self – Love

This will help you to connect with your inner-child and loving yourself.

Self – LoveMarsha Anne
00:00 / 02:09