Work with me

I am so glad you are you feel like you need to move forward in your life but something keeps holding you back?


If you want rapid results where healing and transformation begins in the first session then RTT is a method that truly empowers you, by offering a powerful emotional release so that you can actually be free from emotional pain in your life. 


Many of us have struggles in our lives and often times feel like no one understands, so we continue to suffer in silence. My passion and purpose are to help you heal from any past childhood traumas or any issues you are facing now in your life. I create a safe space for you and me to work together and getting to the root of any issues that may be holding you back in your life.

Have you experienced any of these as a child? 
Bulling, domestic violence, parent with a mental illness, emotionally  unavailable parents, neglect, physical abuse, separation from a parent or caregiver , poverty.

Are you afraid that the people you love will leave?
Did you suffer any kind of abuse in your childhood (physical or emotional)? Are you afraid that others will judge you for what you say?

Struggling with guilt and shame is prevalent among men and
women who grew up in a dysfunctional environment and must be dealt with in recovery to heal and grow.

We may fear that who we are is not ok, right, loveable or good enough. We fear the pain of rejection, judgment and criticism and so it feels safer to live out inauthentic roles and wear self-protective masks.

Being abandoned hurts. In the moment, it can feel like you can’t breathe and that life is about to end. And then comes the painful sensations that ripple through the body and fill you with paralyzing panic.

The loneliness that comes from the feeling of being misunderstood is very deep and causes
anxiety, sadness, despair, disappointment and helplessness.