Marsha has helped me so much with my life. I was very much stuck in my life.

She has assisted me with a difficult journey of dealing with past issues. Through

her guidance, she has given me the courage to face my problems and heal.

I also identify as LGBT and this has been a large part of my recovery and

something that I’ve also been helped through. For a long time I was so

ashamed of being gay and it triggered a lot of anxiety, I now feel like I

have worked on every corner of my mind and I getting prouder and stronger

every day with Marsha’s help.

Marsha is by far the greatest human being to ever become a therapist,

I am not one to reach out for help let alone a stranger, even though I was

skeptical about therapy I felt a huge peace and understanding from her

during our first consultation. I made a clear goal in my mind when I first
started and I can say she exceeded it.